Custom Art studio drawers and counters for Gerst family

Things You Want in Your Custom Artist Studio

Every artist dreams of having their own custom artist studio they can work in to create their next masterpiece. When you work with JM Construction, that dream becomes reality. As you’re planning and designing your art studio, here are things you’re going to want for convenience, safety, and so you can create the best art possible.

Storage the Fits Your Medium

Storage space for your art supplies and finished pieces is naturally on every artist’s wish list when creating a studio. However, it’s important to customize your storage options to fit your medium

For example, watercolor paintings would be best stored in long, shallow drawers so they can lay flat and not be stacked on top of each other, to prevent sticking. In contrast, woodworkers need larger storage spaces, like deep and wide cabinets and shelves, to keep their finished works and power tools.

Easily Replaceable Floors

Art, no matter the medium, can get messy. Some messes are unfortunately too hard to mop up, which is why you’ll want to install floors that, in the worst case scenario, can be easily replaced.

For this, tile or concrete are your best options as opposed to wood. If there’s a major accident with paint, resin, or something else, a tile floor can be torn up and replaced without much fuss. Meanwhile, concrete can have the ruined section removed and filled in, then smoothed over seamlessly. No one will be the wiser that anything happened.

Abundant Light

Good lighting is important for any artist, and there are few forms of light better than the sun. Having natural light can make you more motivated to practice your craft during the day. Finished products also look beautiful in natural light. Consider installing large windows or a skylight to get that abundance of natural light as you work.

As for nighttime lighting, be sure you’ve installed plenty of good light sources. Insufficient lighting can be a strain on the eyes and even cause you to make mistakes as you work. You don’t want to believe a piece you’ve been working on is finished, only to realize you’ve missed something because you couldn’t see it.

A Place to Wash Up

Art can be messy. Whether it’s cleaning your brushes or your hands have gotten covered in clay, you want to be able to wash up right in your custom art studio. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to go into the rest of the house to clean up. This spreads the mess beyond your studio.

Install a slop sink, which is a type of deep sink meant for washing out buckets, brushes, and the like. It’s the ideal solution for keeping tools clean in your custom art studio. With one of these, you’ll have plenty of room to clean up whatever you need. This includes paint brushes, a smock, large tools, and more. For extra cleanliness and luxury, build an en-suite bathroom with a shower so you can leave your studio completely clean.

Building a custom art studio is easy with JM Construction, as we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you have everything you could ever want or need for your art. Contact us today to get started and build your new creative haven.

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