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Where to Build Custom Wine Storage in Your Home

Storing your wine properly is an important part of being a wine connoisseur. Wine needs to be stored in very specific conditions so it doesn’t lose any of its flavor. It should be stored on its side to keep the cork moist to prevent oxidation. Darkness is preferred to preserve its freshness. Temperature and humidity should be kept consistent. All of this is why you should consider your options regarding where you can build custom wine storage in your home.

With today’s technology, your wine isn’t just limited to the basement. You can create a cool, custom storage solution for your wine collection in several different places in your home.

Build Storage Under Your Stairs

The space under your stairs is highly underutilized. Turning it into a sort of wine pantry could be a clever custom storage solution. Depending on the style of stairs you have and how easily accessible they are, you could install a wine fridge or pull-out shelves underneath. Under the stairs rarely receive much light, so you won’t need to worry about keeping it dark. However, be sure to install ways to keep everything refrigerated.

Dedicate a Room to Your Wine

Do you have a spare room that you’re not using? Perhaps that could be modified to hold your wines. If you have a small collection, convert the room into a fun party lounge with a bar and a wine fridge that can be tucked beneath it. If your collection is large, install custom wine shelves and fill the space as you like. 

A spare room is a great option, as it’s often easier to access than other storage options. However, it will likely require the most renovations so it can suit your needs. You’ll want to make sure any windows are removed or at least darkened so that sunlight can’t get into the room to affect the freshness. Temperature and humidity controls will also need to be installed that only affect that specific room, so if you keep the rest of the house warm, the wine room will stay cool.

Classic Wine Cellar

While you can create wine storage anywhere in your home, a classic wine cellar might still be your best option. There’s often ample unused space in the basement that can easily be converted into wine shelves. Also, the ideal wine conditions you’re looking for typically naturally occur in the basement. A wine cellar is almost always the darkest area in the house, and as it’s either underground or at least the lowest point of the house, it’s often the coolest room in your home. 

You can finish your basement and customize it to be the perfect wine cellar to show off your collection of vintage wines. It may not be as accessible as some of the other options, as you’ll have to carry your wine up and down the stairs, but it’s a classic for a reason.

Your wine collection deserves the best custom wine storage solutions possible. To begin building yours, contact JM Construction today and we’ll bring your vision to life.

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